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Cola Wealth Advisors Team Overcomes Water Damage After Frozen Pipe Bursts

March 09, 2023

Lexington, SC - On December 27th, 2022 at about 4:00 am, Rick Mantei strolled up to the Cola Wealth Advisors office in Lexington, SC to begin his work day, only to be met with several inches of water spilling over his shoes as he opened the door. Rushing to the source, he found water gushing from the ceiling of the right front offices, where a pipe had frozen and burst due to intensely cold weather.

Jumping into action, Rick tried to turn the water off himself, but didn’t have any luck. So, he finally called 911 for help. Shortly after, four firemen arrived to the scene, however, they were unable to turn off the geyser, so they called the Town of Lexington Water Services, who also happened to be unable to assist. At last, Rick contacted the gentleman who performs maintenance on the Cola Wealth firm’s sprinkler system, Steve Dawson. Fortunately, Steve was able to reach a solution and turn off the water.

By the time the water was shut off, the entire office had been submerged in three inches of water, and the ceilings of two offices were lying in soggy lumps on the floor, with a few tenacious slabs still hanging limply from the rafters. A fresh whirlwind of activity ensued as Prestige Systems and Roto Rooter were called to the scene to begin the water mitigation process.

Around 6:00 am, Cola Wealth’s employees began to arrive fresh off the three-day weekend to find their workplace rather more aquatic than they left it on Friday. Despite the challenging situation, Cola Wealth's employees rallied together, and Rick assigned tasks to the team, from lifting everything off the floors to relocating bigger pieces of furniture to the patio to prevent further damage. In addition, Rick coordinated another team to operate from the East Wing building to communicate with clients and ensure that regular business processes were being conducted to the best of their ability.

Rick’s never-ending commitment to his community is a testament to the values learned during his time served as a United States Air Force instructor pilot. His dedication to integrity, service, and excellence continue to inspire those around him to strive for their best. Through his leadership and service, Rick has proven to be a model citizen and an asset to his community.

Rick Mantei is the owner and founder of Cola Wealth Advisors. Securities and advisory services offered through Centaurus Financial, Inc., a member of FINRA and SIPC and a Registered Investment Advisor. Cola Wealth Advisors and Centaurus Financial, Inc. are not affiliated. With the help of Kathy Nishnic, Atul Makharia, Lisa Mantei, Matt Hawkins and Cindy Chiellini, the Cola Wealth team assists more than two thousand families in achieving their financial goals. For more information, please visit