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Cola Wealth Advisors Adds Another Plane to Its Fleet

Cola Wealth Advisors Adds Another Plane to Its Fleet

Cola Wealth Advisors is adding a 1942 Fairchild PT-26 airplane to its fleet. This piece of aviation history will operate alongside the Steerman biplane already in use by the firm. The aircraft will be maintained, preserved, and operated just as it was nearly 80 years ago.

As part of their commitment to veterans, the staff at Cola Wealth Advisors comprises multiple experienced and licensed retired U.S. Air Force pilots. Cola Wealth Advisors uses its planes as part of its community outreach, whether putting on events for retirement communities or youth outreach. Additionally, the representatives at Cola Wealth Advisors occasionally use the firm's planes to allow clients to soar through the skies of their communities.

The Steerman was flown over the Sun City Retirement Community on May 30 to give residents there a break from the COVID-19 quarantine. Now, with the addition of the PT-26, the Cola Wealth team can do more for the community by offering more airborne adventures.

Originally used for training in the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Fairchild PT-26 is a variant of the American PT-19, allowing for an enclosed cockpit on the plywood, fabric, and steel body.