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Cola Wealth Advisors' Generous Donation Empowers The Troop Appreciation Foundation (TAF) 

We are incredibly proud and honored to have had the opportunity to support the Troop Appreciation Foundation (TAF) with our recent donation!

TAF's dedication and impact since its founding in 2012 is truly inspiring. Providing 700+ Soldiers with guided fishing trips, sponsoring airfare for 75 Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen to travel home for Christmas, and gifting $85,000 in prizes to Soldiers are just some of the incredible accomplishments this foundation has achieved.

As a firm, we wholeheartedly believe in supporting our troops and expressing our gratitude to those who serve our country selflessly. It's an honor to be part of such a wonderful cause, and we hope that our contribution helps bring smiles to the faces of those who protect our freedom.

Learn more about the Troop Appreciation Foundation at

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