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Cola Wealth Advisors recently brought joy to Sun City, a retirement community hit hard by the coronavirus.

Our firm presented an improv air show above Sun City Retirement Community. The effort was part of our mission to improve the well-being of our clients and the overall well-being of the Lexington, S.C., area.

On May 30, a Cola Wealth team member took to the skies in his pre-World War II Stearman biplane in hopes of lifting the spirits of Sun City residents who have been forced to shelter in place and are unable to visit with loved ones because of social distancing requirements in place to battle COVID-19.

Some residents saw the event as a bit of excitement amid the daily realities of dealing with the pandemic. Others, such as two-time Silver Star recipient Col. Gary Olin, saw it as a tribute to a colorful past.

Olin, who was instrumental in bringing the event to Sun City, began his military career in 1964 with a deployment in Southeast Asia. He was part of the "Wild Weasels," a group whose job was to suppress enemy defense systems.

The event ended to the applause of residents, some clad in American flags. While the event was not long, it was one that most said they would remember, and one that reminds us of the resolve of the American people.