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Rick Mantei Goes Above And Beyond For Retired Airforce Veteran And His Wife

Rick and Scarlet Mantei recently had the pleasure of visiting long term-client James Richardson and his wife at their home. Mr. Richardson, a retired U.S. Air Force mechanic, and Anne, his beloved wife of 56 years, have been pillars of strength and resilience. As a token of appreciation for Mr. Richardson's service, Rick and Scarlet presented him with a meticulously crafted Stearman Plane Model, symbolizing his dedication and passion for aviation. They also gifted Anne a beautiful necklace to commemorate their enduring love and commitment. Additionally, they provided a Prayer Bowl to encourage the couple to find solace and strength in times of need, as well as an orchid to brighten their home with the promise of new beginnings. Additionally, a box of candies was shared as a small gesture of kindness.

At Cola Wealth Advisors, we are committed to going above and beyond for our clients, supporting them not only financially but also personally in their journeys.

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