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Troop Appreciation

Centaurus Financial Partners with the Troop Appreciation Foundation

Centaurus Financial of Lexington, SC is partnering with the Troop Appreciation Foundation during their Troop Appreciation Fishing Derby. The foundation sponsors a minimum of three Fishing events every year, as a way to encourage civic participation and garner support for our veterans.


Their events usually cover a full day of fishing on Lake Murray in which more than 100 active and inactive military personnel in attendance. The cost to fish for military personnel is 100% covered by donations to the foundation.


After a day of fishing, all fish are filleted, bagged, and chilled for all military personnel with prizes awarded to the largest catches.


Founded by a fellow USAF veteran, Rick Mantei and the group at Centaurus Financial of Lexington understand just how important this mission is. Veterans too often face adversities once they come home. This can be in the form of picking their previous lives back up or even isolation. As such, we are proud to stand beside the Troop Appreciation Foundation.



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